Hands-On Business Training in Japan

The Program

Often called a “Mini MBA”, the JMEC programs starts each November with a 5-week Saturday lecture series covering a range of topics related to business plan writing and how to do business in Japan. The classroom instruction and workshops are led by business professionals working successfully in Japan. The second phase of the program starts in January with the actual research, analysis and writing of the business plan. Participants are placed onto teams of 5-6 people and paired up with a company which is seeking to enter or expand into the Japanese market. JMEC teams will spend the next four months preparing a business plan for their client and a panel of JMEC judges. It is through this process that participants gain experience they can use to propel their career either at their current company or at any job in the future.

Participant Profile JMEC 23 (2016-2017):

    • English speaking professionals living in Japan who want to improve their business skills, broaden their business network and achieving higher career and personal goals
    • 50% Japanese and 50% foreign
    • 8 years working in Japan on average
    • Age range: 25-52 years old, Average age: 33 years old
    • 50% male and 50% female
    • Over 15 different nationalities represented


If you are seeking a business training program in Tokyo, Japan, the Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) is a great way to improve your business skills while maintaining a full-time job.

To participate in JMEC, apply on-line by October 15.

The fee is due in full by November 1st of this year. To apply online click here.